New video out now!!!! 

Greetings everybody, I hope the times have gone well for you all!! 

I am still awaiting my return to the stage, this will happen soon enough, it is hard to get back to it right away for me but soon we will get together and have songs to fill the air! 

I have been working this whole time on the setlists, some changes to older songs when I play them live now, messing with new tech as well to make the live shows better. 

I have also been working on new music as well but its still another whole year and a half…

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Spirit Journey Sky OUT NOW!!! 

Greetings everybody, I am happy to announce that my new album Spirit Journey Sky is now available everywhere! I am supplying a handy all in one link for you here, you can also swing by my store to buy direct from me! 

Thanks for your support and I will see you on the journey!

Spirit Journey Sky: Where To Buy

peace and love, 


Spirit Journey Sky Release Date and more! 

Hello again everybody, I am happy to announce that on April 15th my new album "Spirit Journey Sky" will be available everywhere you get music online, I cannot wait for you to hear this new album and these new songs! 

I am currently in the recording stages of another album that is taking some time for this, I am planning a double album so probably 2 years from now you will hear it, its all being put together what songs I want for this thing. 

I am also working at the same time on a back to basics straight…

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Year End Youtube Concert!!! 

Hello everybody!!! Its Christmas and so enjoy this special live show I filmed over the span of 4 days!! all played in one take!! I enjoyed doing this and playing all the instruments to give it something a little special!

Happy and happy and safe Christmas and New Year!! See you all in 2021 with my new album "Spirit Journey Sky" (More on that later....)

Peace and Love, 

- Jay

My Youtube and a big concert!!! 

Greetings everybody! I know this crazy time has been a bit of a boring one for me, so lets change this up!

1 - Every Sunday on my Youtube page       I have been uploading shows from my past, I have recorded most of my shows over the last few years so its time now to open up the archives and let you all see this stuff! I am on week 2 now and so far its been enjoyable looking back. 

2 - Sometime in October/November I will upload one BIG BIG show recorded JUST for…

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Tomorrow Yesterdays, and my 2020 

Greetings All!! 

Hope the year so far has been kind to you, I want to start off saying thank you all so so much for buying my new album and streaming my new album, I am so so thankful for that during this time! 

I have made a new music video for my song "Tomorrow Yesterday" from the new album, check it out here

now for my 2020 plans, as of right now I sadly do not feel as safe playing gigs at this time, I know things are starting to reopen more and more but for me, I dont feel its time to get back out there. I…

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See You Go Your Own Way (and many more) 

Greetings all, I hope you are all staying safe out there during this lockdown. As of right now It appears a majority of my gigs will be canceled until this all gets taken care of and that is totally understandable, I want all of you to be safe at the shows much more than me being ok at my shows. For those of you buying my album or a single song here and there I thank you very much for the support during this time. 

I have released a new music video for my song "See You Go Your Own Way" from my album "I Am Me…

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Its Alright 

Hello all, I am very very happy to finally release my first single from my new album!! This song is a few years in the making and hopefully this video and song means something to you all like it does me, Life is a struggle at times, and we just go through it day to day, we are not alone and everything will be alright. just breathe. 

All the best, March 6th is ALMOST HERE!!


- Jay

Merry Christmas!!!!  

Hello everybody!! So very very excited for my already busy 2020, Have a new album coming out which I am very excited about! 


However, I feel that may be too much of a wait, so as I was working on the new album "I Am Me" I was also jamming and recording some cover songs for a free christmas album for you all! its just 5 songs that I dig and feel you may too. 

You may check it out here:  

Until next time everybody, Happy Holidays, and see you all in 2020!!


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I Am Me (All Ill Ever Be)  

Hello all, 

with the holiday season upon us, I am happy to announce my next album "I Am Me (All Ill Ever Be) will be released on March 6th 2020!! I am very excited for this release and have alot planned for it! Stay tuned for more!


this is it for now, have a wonderful holiday season, we will talk in 2020!! 


peace and love, 


- Jay

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