Farewell Mr. Nesmith....

One of my music heroes has passed away, Mr. Mike Nesmith of The Monkees. 

Mike is one of my all time favorite singer/songwriters, he pushed The Monkees to start writing their own songs and really turned them into a legit great recording group. Often in my shows I would close my set's performing the Monkees classic "Circle Sky" which was written and sang by Mike. 

Something about the way Mike was as a person always made me more appreciative of him. He did what he wanted, did what felt right to him, and recorded whatever he felt like. True music freedom and Mike was the pure picture of that. 

I was lucky to have seen him with the Monkees a few years back before Peter passed away, Mike was amazing as was the rest of the band, its nice to see he had one last victory lap with his last tour with Micky before passing that just wrapped up a few weeks ago. 

My first show back after my hiatus I will have to close with 'Circle Sky' like old times out of tribute to Nez. 

rest in peace Mike Nesmith, see you on the other side 

- Jay