From the studio, to the world!

Good evening everyone, 

I know that I have not kept touch in a while, things have become very busy for me behind the scenes. For those that were able to catch me at the pop up shows I have played, I hope you had a wonderful time and hope you enjoyed the new material! 

Onto more of what I have been working on for a long while, I have 3 main albums that I have been recording at the exact same time, my next album release will be my 5th album so I can tell you it will be a double album!! I will also still keep the price of it more affordable like all my previous releases have been so do not worry! I can not give a name for this double album coming next year 'Midnight Museum Of Memory' 

I am also working on a full out acoustic album, for my live shows I play just me and my acoustic guitar and have yet to have a full album show this, so this album will be a acoustic only record, just me, my acoustic, and my voice. 

And the album after that is going more experimental, more 60's psychedelic in nature and I am so excited about that one too! Getting to scratch some creative itches I have not been able to scratch yet. 

This is it for right now, next update maybe in a few months...and perhaps some album artwork for 'Midnight Museum Of Memory'

Peace and Love, 

- Jay

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