News and more news

Greetings everybody!! Things are still slow on the live performance front, I will most likely only do a handful of pop up shows this year and get back out there more in 2023. 

Work continues with my next album which will also be coming out in 2023, This next album will be my 5th record so I am going big with putting out a double album!! This record will tell some sort of a story as you listen, but it is not a concept album. This is a project I had only dreamed about years and years ago, there are a few songs that ive had for a long while that I have even played live a bunch in the past that I was saving until this record. It will really be something special and I cannot wait for you all to hear it!! More info when I feel like dropping more info down the road. 

I have been writing for other albums in the future too, would like to build up a nice archive of songs for future releases so I can just keep building things up so I can release albums for years and years to come with no slowing down. 

Who is ready for Dead & Company this summer?? Really excited to see the boys again!! Somenights you just want to vibe while songs fill the air! 

Until next time, peace and love!

Surprise gigs coming!!

- Jay