New video out now!!!!

Greetings everybody, I hope the times have gone well for you all!! 

I am still awaiting my return to the stage, this will happen soon enough, it is hard to get back to it right away for me but soon we will get together and have songs to fill the air! 

I have been working this whole time on the setlists, some changes to older songs when I play them live now, messing with new tech as well to make the live shows better. 

I have also been working on new music as well but its still another whole year and a half away, I am letting "Spirit Journey Sky" breathe more, I feel this is a very very solid record and my best yet so I want as many new ears to find it and listen and enjoy it, there are links where to buy it in my store on here!

I am also happy to debut my new music video for the song "One Day" that is now on Youtube and in the videos section here! "One Day" is my favorite song off my new album 'Spirit Journey Sky' and im very happy to have made a music video for it shot at the location that I shot the album cover at. 

Enjoy the music, meet you somewhere down the road!

Peace and Love, 

- Jay