My Youtube and a big concert!!!

Greetings everybody! I know this crazy time has been a bit of a boring one for me, so lets change this up!

1 - Every Sunday on my Youtube page       I have been uploading shows from my past, I have recorded most of my shows over the last few years so its time now to open up the archives and let you all see this stuff! I am on week 2 now and so far its been enjoyable looking back. 

2 - Sometime in October/November I will upload one BIG BIG show recorded JUST for YouTube for you all to watch together and enjoy. I will set a premier for it so we can all watch it at the same time and chat about it. When I say BIG I mean BIG!! 

3 - For this special 1 show on Youtube I will be taping, I will be doing a number of songs with a full band deal, however...that full band will 100% be all me. Playing every instrument! And all will be recorded in one take to give it the true live feel, no edits on this show, its just like going to a real concert, if theres a screw up so be it. 

So thats whats going on with YouTube, I am happy to say right now on other business my new album "I Am Me" has popped up on the FYE computer system giving you all another option to purchase my new album! 

And, saving the best for last. I have a new album all ready to go and will be making an announcement sometime next year on its release. Some really good tracks on this one coming up that I am very very excited about sharing with all of you! 

Until next time, 

Peace And Love

- Jay