Tomorrow Yesterdays, and my 2020

Greetings All!! 

Hope the year so far has been kind to you, I want to start off saying thank you all so so much for buying my new album and streaming my new album, I am so so thankful for that during this time! 

I have made a new music video for my song "Tomorrow Yesterday" from the new album, check it out here

now for my 2020 plans, as of right now I sadly do not feel as safe playing gigs at this time, I know things are starting to reopen more and more but for me, I dont feel its time to get back out there. I feel 2020 may not have shows from me the rest of the year. I know this is disappointing but I plan on doing quite a few online shows via my youtube page in the next few months to subscribe to my page so you will get info about all of that! 

Until next time, please stay safe out there everybody

Peace and Love

- Jay

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