Small little update for you all

Greetings all,


So figured I would update you all a bit as I have a bad habit lately of going dark for you all, so...


My new album I am working on has consumed most of my time, I have around 30 tracks recorded right now, the process of winding it down to a album will be extremely hard. The recording process is a difficult one, ALOT of time and energy goes into it. Because of this time consuming thing, I am going easy on the shows this year. You all only have 3 chances to see my life this year now, check out my dates on here and I hope to see you out!


I will be playing THREE NEW SONGS at the upcoming shows, I hope you can come out and enjoy them! These three songs are for sure 100% going to be on the next album:

Tomorrows YesterdayCarry On
Live That Dream


so come out, hear some of what ive been working on, and enjoy!


peace and love,


- Jay

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