The future shines so bright...

Greetings everybody!

I know once again It has been a long time since I last updated you all, I have been playing out, a handful of secret gigs on top of my already booked shows! Make Music Chicago was a huge success this year as it is every year, I love playing that festival as its always great to see a big city such as Chicago embrace the arts and embrace creativity in music!

Speaking up festivals, I am playing the last day of YES Fest 2019 this year on the Yeti Stage, its located over at Elmhurst College and its always a lovely festival, I highly suggest not only seeing me but stick around and explore the other stages and check out the many other artists and talents performing that entire weekend, you wont regret it!

Onto new album news, my work on it continues to grow more and more, I was laying down drum tracks yesterday on a few new songs I had recorded and I am really really digging how its all sounding and coming together. I have a grand vision for this next record and I hope you will still be along for the journey, the 3rd album they say is the most difficult.

Until next time everybody, Peace and Love!


- Jay Schraub