And suddenly...I'm busy!

Greetings everybody,


I know its been a few months since the last update, I have been super busy working on promoting the new album and scheduling dates to play this stuff live for you all!

My birthday show at the cubby bear was a huge success and Im very proud everybody dug the stuff from "Soon" its still a new release so songs need time to grow, but the reception tells me I am on the right track sound wise and hopefully the album will reach people that will mega enjoy it as much as ive enjoyed creating it all!


I have a TON of new dates coming up so please please check the calendar and try and come out to see me sometime soon! would love to see you there!


Also if you havent already my new album Soon is available now across all media formats so get on Amazon, or ITunes and give it a listen, tell me what you think!


peace and love,


- Jay Schraub

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