Midnight Museum Of Memory

Good evening all, 

I am very very happy to announce that my new album 'Midnight Museum Of Memory' is finished, and artwork submitted to all the proper channels and will be released in March of 2023!!! This album is a long time coming and one that I am personally very excited about all of you hearing!!! 

Alot of hard work has gone into this record, and alot of time recording an re-recording everything and putting all the tracks together for this new record. Seeing as this album is my 5th album I am going big with this one, this is a DOUBLE ALBUM!!! 

You will also find while listening to this record that the songs sort of form a story being told. This is not a concept album in the definition of the word, but it is lightly a concept album. The songs to tell a story and I sort of set up the pacing of the tracks to almost be like a musical for the stage. There is a pace to this record. 

I will take more open about this release as the time goes by and decisions made for this record. I also will be sharing more news with you as time goes on and may do a video Q & A on my Youtube to explain a few things and plans for the future. 

Until next time, peace and love!

- Jay

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