Some Q and A on a monday

Its been a while, I am busy at work with gigs ahead, check out my calendar for more info!


My album "Soon" is making some nice moves, I would appreciate the support of a purchase and if you can please review it too! I cannot do this without you all, thank you so so much!

so lets do us a short Q and A with some questions I get here and there:


what is your goal with 'Soon' and why did you name it that? - Soon was a running joke, almost right after releasing my previous record 'Chasing Neverland' I was getting questions of my next release and I would also tell them "Soon is the word" so when it came time to name this one, Soon just seemed logical. as for what my goal was for this, I felt that Neverland had a different ideas going wild, this one I was set to a more tone structure, a more stripped back album.


vocally for you, what is your favorite song to sing? - Boston hands down for me, such a challenging song for my vocally and when I hit it, I feel above air!


Out of the songs on 'soon' which one is your personal favorite? - right now for me, its Older N' Older, as I get older I find that song rings more and more true each and every day, and quite frankly it scares the hell out of me!


Any advice you would give to your younger self musically? - Be yourself right from the start, dont try and sing like anybody else, dont push so many things away from you.


If you could have anybody sing one of your songs, who would it be and what song? - Axl Rose for starters, and I would most want him to sing Love Ditty which isnt released yet...maybe im waiting for Axl to sing it! As for other singers Peter Cetera singing Boston or Road I Missed would be incredible to hear!


Is that a bass I hear on this album??? - yes, yes it is! amazing Goodwill is amazing!


When you solo on the electric guitar on your stuff, what style are you going for? - Terry Kath, meets Slash meets Noel Gallagher but not being able to actually play to the abilities of any of them.


If John Lennon could sing one of your songs, what would it be? - Older N' Older, I feel he would do a version of that just him at a piano.


thats it for now, Until next time, check out my store and buy my album!


peace and love,


- Jay Schraub

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