Jay Schraub

TV bound!

greetings everybody, coming up I will be performing at the abbey pub again, once again this too is a tv taping for the Flabby Hoffman TV Show so come on out and support the local scene!


very happy to announce that internet radio station "rockers dive radio" has now been playing my songs! you can check them out over at www.rockersdive.com! also last sunday very cool that 103.9 the fox played my song "carousel" which was super super amazing to hear play on the radio!

Since all the radio-ness topped with the cancellation of the second horseshoe gig, its left me in a state of great great inspiration and has caused me to hit the studio super hard trust me you guys will love the new stuff!!! one of my favorite pieces so far has been "hold on" it has a cool piano solo that im very proud of, another cool one is "its alright" outside of that im not going to give away anymore!!

until next time, stay strong, dont give up the dream!


- Jay Schraub