Jay Schraub

the future, and a dream

greeting's! hope you are enjoying the new site! very excited for the future, this year will be a great one for me. I have ALOT on the horizon so stay tuned exciting times ahead!

Im happy to announce that at my show at the Chi-Fi convention in March i will be joined by bassist Xavier McKnight for a few songs. We are both very excited to be playing at the convention and hope you all will be there to enjoy it with us! here is the site for the con and also to buy your passes. chi-fi.org

Also happening on the 19th of February is a free show at the abbey pub for the flabby hoffman tv show on channel 19 chicago cable. Im on from 8:30 to 9 its 21 and over only. hope to see you all there too, make some noise for me on tv!

until next time, be safe, keep the faith, avoid the darkness, and much love

- Jay