Jay Schraub

The End of 2016

Greetings everybody!! hope the winter holidays and end of the year has treated you all well.

lets do a little update!

my Album "Chasing Neverland" is selling well, a big boost in online downloads! if you have not gotten your copy yet, go ahead and head to my store and pick yours up today!

I am done doing gigs until next year, may take the first two months off this year to solely focus on writing and recording alot! I will be hitting the road in 2017 and would love nothing more than for all of you to hear ALOT of new, quality material! I have a feeling you all are really going to dig the new stuff.

within the next few days, I plan on uploading some audio on here for you all to listen to, and gonna try and do a few live streams from the studio in the future! so stay tuned!

until next time everybody, have a wonderful end of the year, and I will see all of you in 2017!

lets conquer the world with peace and love!

- Jay