Jay Schraub


greetings everybody!!


have something exciting to share with you all, my new album will be called "SOON" and im very very excited about this record and everything that went into making this happen, I know and hope you all will like it too! its more stripped back than the previous album "Chasing Neverland" which if you havent bought it yet, please do so via my store!!

so what this means with the new record coming soon?? release date will be in May...I know its a ways off but Its worth the wait to do final edits and gets the package together and all that. May will be here soon enough and you will have a new record from me!!

now...lets post a small spoiler...here is SOME of the tracks...I will give little updates with more titles in the coming months...first single should hit in either Feb or March...


"Number On A Wire"

"Its All The Same"

"Shine Shine Shine"


there...3 new titles!!! "Its All The Same" has a live video posted on my youtube already so head to the videos section to check it out!

until next time everybody, peace and love


- Jay Schraub