Jay Schraub

some new stuff

greetings everybody!


what a fun month its been, figured i would check in with an update or two:

First of all, Ive been busy as always inside of the studio, but im recording some mega cool things, check in the audio section ive left a little something for you to hear from these new sessions! i hope you enjoy it!


Secondly, December 5th is my last show of 2014, after this show is done i will see you all in 2015! so please come out and enjoy the december magic and wish 2014 goodbye with me over at the amazing Bru Chicago!!

Its always a wonderful time over at Bru! I love the venue and everybody who works there is all super awesome and supportive of me and my music! so come out and enjoy the night!

Last...not to give too much away, but you may want to hang around the site twords the end of december...you may get a little gift from me for Christmas! stay tuned...


Until next check in, be safe, and love love love!


- Jay Schraub