Jay Schraub

small update!

greetings! been busy lately, had a gig on the weekend at the Chi-Fi con at the legendary Palmer House Hilton downtown chicago! special thanks to Anne and James for having me out once again!

moving on, been busy working on more songs in the studio, adding more drums to tracks for the next release to give it a more complete sound. Im very very excited about this next step in my recordings and you should be too. some samples to come in the next few weeks or so...

My next gig is at the amazing Underground Wonderbar in downtown chicago. its 5 bucks to get in, and 21 and over only. Im on from 8 to 10:30 so it will be a nice night of music from me, doing a bunch of old songs and alot of new songs being played for the first time ever and some songs i have not played in about 4 years so it will be a great show and worth checking out for sure!

anyway this is it, until next time, peace and love!

Jay Schraub