Jay Schraub

shows and recording update

greetings everybody! its been a little while since the last update so lets update...


Show at Bru Chicago on the 29th was wonderful and simply amazing! a great night and great vocal night for me had some audience participation going and all that fun stuff! it was a great birthday gig!


next show is September 17th at the legendary Underground Wonderbar in downtown Chicago! im on from 8 to 10:30 it should be another great show, 5 bucks only gets you 2 and a half hours of great music!!

In really really great news Bru Chicago will be having me back October 24th for some Halloween fun!!!! Halloween is always my favorite time of year so something special will be happening at this show so be there!! that one is free and all ages!!

Recording is still under way, recorded a handful of new songs last weekend I really really enjoy all of them so far will be interesting when it comes time to select some of them for the next album but its the task of songwriting!!! I know for sure "chasing rainbows" "hold on" and "live your life" will be on the next album!!

until next time everybody! keep those dreams alive!!

Jay Schraub