Jay Schraub

show and another show and heroes

greetings all!


Show tomorrow night at the wonderful Bru!! starts at 7:30pm and will have some cool halloween type stuff going on! doing a little pumpkin hunt during the gig, so if your going be on the lookout for plastic pumpkins!!


Im playing another "flabby and the abbey" show which i always love doing, its such a wonderful time with really funny local stand up comics after my set, also this gets aired on local chicago channel CANTV on thursday nights! so a tv taping is always fun!


been writing ALOT lately, so time in the studio is in my future! maybe ill just put out two albums at the same time...


one of my heroes is coming to Chicago in december and im excited to be able to see him live finally, I grew up around the music of Cat Stevens and it really helped shape me and my musical journey. Stuff like Foreigner Suite and The Wind and Sitting are like a soundtrack of a simpler time in my life, each song has meaning to me in various stages. Some artists have that affect on you when you hear a song and hear the words it bring you alot of feelings, Cat Stevens is one of those artists. Im happy he is back writing and recording again and finally going on tour, this is his first is over 35 years! I have a feeling I will be very very in awe during it and very very mega inspired after its all over.

Just went on a bit of a long thing there but Cat Stevens is a hero of mine and I finally get to see him in person and not via a bunch of youtube videos.

I guess as Gene Simmons said "a world without heroes is no place to be, its no place for me"

...as an aside, what are some of your heroes?? like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JaySchraubMusic and let me know some of your heroes!!

until next check in, be good to each other, stay positive, avoid the darkness