Jay Schraub

recording news and another contest

greetings everybody!! just want to get started by saying I am very much amazed that Brock Lesnar ended Undertakers streak last night at wrestlemania!! anyway, moving on....

recorded 3 songs yesterday in the morning, "post illusions" is coming along very very nicely! got a great selection of songs for this one, and also recording already for the third album too which right now is untitled.

I have entered another songwriting contest in indi.com so if you can please vote for me on there via this link


I would really appreciate the votes, this contest is really cool, and this is a song that will be on "post illusions" its one of my favorite things ive ever written!

right now after all this, im very excited for my travels ahead musically, vegas is fast approaching and thats always a fun city to perform at with some nice rooms, and then my Wisconsin show which i will reveal more info about in the future! fun fun times ahead everybody!! stay tuned!!

keep the dream alive!

- Jay Schraub