Jay Schraub

quick updates

greetings all! its been a while...


writing and recording as always, working on the next album which will come out probably next year, alot of great ideas that im building upon with this stuff! some experimenting going on too with it, hopefully you all will enjoy it. I think I will upload a new song for you all to hear from the current sessions, its called "ZaZa Eah" which is what I used to call myself when i was around 1 years old. hopefully you guys like it, nice little simple song about my childhood years and getting into me today.


Very excited about the show at Bru at the end of October for some halloween fun!! I really dig the flier for it, its very Tim Burton style...

this will for sure be a great night out!!! come on out everybody! its all ages and free! a nice friday night out at an amazing coffee shop!


The show at the Wonderbar went really really well, great sound and a good turn out! thank you all who came out to support me! sold a few cd's too which is always nice!

the songwriting contest is still going on, go and watch and share my music all over!


take care everybody, dont stop chasing your dreams!!


- Jay Schraub