Jay Schraub

quick check in

greetings greetings to all, checking in to say that my birthday show on the 29th at Bru Chicago is coming up next friday and im very very excited to perform at this venue! It will be a great fun night, I was originally going to just do like a 45 minute or so set and chill with you all, but i want to give you more, so plan for a really good set full of some new songs!! opening with a new song called "chasing rainbows" hope you all enjoy it!


Rockers Dive Radio continues to play my stuff, Kitty Opal played a song of mine too, and this sunday the UK got to hear my stuff too as XRP Radio played two of my songs on the air. including the debut of my new track "hold on"


underground wonder bar show is September 17th at 8pm to 10:30, its just 5 bucks to get in, im really really looking forward to performing at this legendary venue! its 21 and over only for those younger fans of mine.


anyway, thats it for now, more recording and more performing....lets do this!!


oh yeah...for those wondering about my surprise set at the jefferson park street fast it was a short set consisting of:


The Seeker (who cover)
Down In A Hole (Alice In Chains cover)
CarouselBelieve In Me
Love Ditty
If I Had A Gun (noel gallagher cover)
Bozo Song


anyway, take care everybody, until next time!


- Jay Schraub