Jay Schraub

new year, new updates!

hello everybody! figured i would check in tonight to fill you in on some stuff coming up for me! this monday the 19th Im over at Livewire Lounge playing as part of a acoustic showcase hosted by the amazingly talented Phil Circle! I have some really really cool things in store for that show, and some new songs too! so be there!!


Happy to announce to you all right now that Chi-Fi is having me back this year!!! Very very excited to be performing at that amazing convention once again, I will be joined again by Xavier McKnight on the bass for it.


Recording is underway once again as always, recorded 3 songs today which im really digging how they are coming along. I hope to have my new album "Chasing Rainbows" out by the summer but we will see and hope and wait!


until next time true believers!


Jay Schraub