Jay Schraub

new update!!

Hello all,

Its been a busy few months for me, and more exciting times are ahead!


Got two gigs in Chicago this tuesday, then next wednesday! should be a great time at both, Ive been writing alot so I have ALOT of new songs to get out!

Make Music Chicago was a HUGE success, and Im very happy with how those gigs turned out, had a great turn out at both shows! and some people picked up my album which you can find on this site in the "store" option!

I have more videos on my video section, hopefully you will go there and check those out, Have a new music video for my song "Chasing Neverland" which is the title track off the album, so I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time everybody!

be good to each other, peace and love.

- Jay Schraub