Jay Schraub

new song to enjoy! and more news

greetings, i know its been a while! so im giving you all a new song to listen to its called "chasing rainbows" and its a song i really really enjoyed writing and recording. It really started with the line of "as the worlds lookin for fortune, im lookin for what defines me" Its a class line and so I wrote a whole song around it!


a few weeks away from Vegas shows, looking forward to visiting that city again, should try to get video to put on here since its a private show.


Ive decided that my show at the horseshoe on the 21st will be a cd release show for Post Illusions so for 5 bucks you can get the new album! I will also try to bring copies of my last album too so its naturally 2 for 10 deal....like subway only better for your soul!


peace out, rock on! love love love!


- Jay