Jay Schraub

is that a tour??

hello once again everybody, hope everything is well with all of you!


my song "Gabby" is my most streamed song right now on Spotify for me, so thank you all so much for supporting and digging the music, a music video will be happening for the track soon! so stay tuned for that!

also a huge thanks for those that voted for me in the recent guitar center songwriting competition, I would not have done as well without all of you sticking by me!

I have a number of new songs being recorded and worked on at the moment, very excited for this new material and hope you will be as well. perhaps sometime i shall upload a couple of new tracks for you to hear what ive been working on and hope to release summer of 2018.

I am performing at the legendary cubby bear this wednesday night at 8pm! its a free show as part of MER's Songwriter Showcase, im very very excited to be apart of this and look forward to debuting a new song at this event! its kind of surreal to be playing a stage the foo fighters once played just last year!

and now, my big news for you all, a new year bring a new tour!! i have dates in my calendar so click and see where i will be playing at! I love touring, love the road and the traveling!

until next time everybody, peace and love!

- Jay