Jay Schraub

hello again!

its been a few days, much to catch up on though! next month on the 2nd will be my last show of 2015 at one of my favorite venues in chicago the underground wonderbar! the staff and everybody around that place is fantastic and i couldnt ask for a better venue to have my final 2015 performance in! see  you all next year!!

southern fans, i may be seeing you next year! stay tuned! and my old friends in southern illinois i may be seeing you as well, much going on, much to tell at a later date!

I recorded a new song lyrics by my father, hope you enjoy it, i really like it alot, its a very folky which is where most of my music is going these days, you can download it free in the audio section, its called "changing oasis" i really love this track and hope you will too!

thats it for now, come out and see me december second at underground wonderbar on clark street downtown chicago! starts at 8pm goes until 10:30 and its only 5 bucks to get in!

peace and love
- Jay Schraub