Jay Schraub

end of august updates

greetings all, hope your August has been a good one! My birthday is on Sunday and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter of my life brings for me. Thank you all for being apart of this ride of mine!

I have added to the audio section a free download of the mono mix of my song "I Said To You" so I hope you will download and enjoy it!

September brings more shows, one confirmed one so far is sunday the 25th at the underground lounge for the sunday show again, so i hope to see you all out there for that amazing night of talent!

More things in the works, will update you all when more things get confirmed!

If you havent already, visit my store on here, and pick up a copy of my album "Chasing Neverland" your support really means alot to me!

until next time,

peace and love

- Jay Schraub