Jay Schraub

busy august and beyond

The end of the July is upon us, got one more show for this month at Akasha Bar in Louisville Kentucky! So I hope to see you louisville people there!

my august is a busy one again, August 7th im at the underground lounge in wrigleyville for their sunday night variety show, its a great night with so many talented people doing various things, it will be a great evening! and then august 17th im at the underground wonderbar, that venue is my favorite in the entire city, the staff and lonie the owner are all amazing people that have put alot of faith in me over the last 2 years of me performing there on a almost bi-monthly basis. it truely is a great evening everytime I perform on that stage! and since this show is very close to my birthday it is also doubling as my yearly birthday show. I hope to see as many chicago people there as possible!

I have put on here as a freedownload one of my oldest songs "Believe In Me" I really hope you enjoy this one, its a personal favorite of mine since 2007 when I wrote it and performed it for the first time.

Have a great end of July, see everybody for an equally amazing August!

peace and love,

Jay Schraub