Jay Schraub

August updates and some semi news...

Greetings all, I have added a bunch of new shows to the calendar so be sure to check there and hopefully I will see you at a show in the future!

My album is selling well on itunes which is really cool to have a decent online presence so thank you so so much for buying the album and supporting me! I really appreciate it and love it!

I did not make the finals in the songwriting contest but thats alright! just making the semi's was really really cool to me! better luck next time!

In a small semi news, I will be hitting the road this september, so be on the look out my east coast people, I may be coming to your town! more info in a few weeks as I begin to plan and plan! stay tuned to the site!

until next time everybody, Ive put something new up in the audio section so hopefully you enjoy the song!

peace and love,

- Jay