Jay Schraub

another quick check in

Hello all, its been a while

Things have been busy behind the scenes, been recording alot and writing a ton of songs for future releases and its all coming along really really nicely. I have a gig coming up this monday night at LiveWire Lounge on Milwaukee ave here in Chicago. its a great music venue last time i was there was when I opened for Michale Graves! I love that venue and am excited to be back there again.

The TV Taping at Abbey Pub was a success, had a great turn out i believe it airs tonight or next thursday on CANTV here in Chicago. Hope to perform there again for Flabby at the Abbey!

Alot in the works, alot on the horizon to be excited about, more on the way, in the mean time you may notice a couple of addition in the "VIDEOS" section so enjoy!

peace and love

- Jay Schraub