Jay Schraub

an amazing night and small update!

greetings everybody! its been a long time but ive been very very busy,

working more on the next album, set of re-records and more writing and putting together demos for future songs to be recorded, all the way around busyness for me but very exciting times ahead.

i am playing around with a cool release idea for a future series of albums but i wont give anything away on those details until im sure of all i want to accomplish/want to do with those releases but stay tuned!

I have to touch upon this experience from last night here in Chicago, I had the amazing amazing opportunity to open for Michale Graves of The Misfits at the livewire lounge! it was an incredible incredible show (video in the videos section on here) what made this show even cooler for me is how everything kinda came full circle for me last night musically.


I went to see Michale Graves back in 08, this show came right around the time my old band ZR broke up and I was without any bandmates, I saw Graves was coming to Chicago for an acoustic tour so i jumped at the chance to see him caus hearing him acoustically sounded amazing to me! so i went to the gig and at that show was when i got the inspiration to do what im doing with the acoustic music of mine, when he did the song Descending Angel and the whole crowd sang along to the backing vocal on that track i looked behind me at everybody and went "yeah! i can do this!!" and so started my journey!

heres me and Graves back in 08 the night that changed everything for me!

so last night getting to open for him was a dream come true, to actually open for a guy that really influenced you to do the music youre doing now is so huge for me! it was one of those "dreams do come true" moments in every way. one of the coolest and more surreal nights i will never ever forget!

me and Graves from last night

one of the really really amazing things about last night too is that Graves sat in the crowd with everybody else and sat and watched and listened to my set and the other two openers sets, then went up onstage and rocked the place like always! and one of the really really cool moments for me as well is that now Michale Graves owns a copy of my album "post illusions" I hope you enjoy the album Michale!

until next time everybody, i will be riding this high for a very very long time!

peace and love

Jay Schraub