Jay Schraub

...its the end of the year as we know it (and I feel fine)

Hello everybody, its the end of 2017 so lets look back!!

My tours taking me to Vegas, LA, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and NY were amazing and I loved every second of performing for you all!! I cant wait to come back to those cities in the future!

This year ends the cycle of my "Chasing Neverland" album. if you havent bought it yet, I appreciate you doing so sometime in the very near future!

and now, we look into.......the future!!! a new album is on the way next year that im very very excited about! its going to be called "Soon" and Im looking forward to sharing all this with you and the journey of the songs the album takes you on, its well worth the wait!!

so until next year, happy a very happy and healthy new years eve! see you when the sun shines upon 2018!

peace and love,

- Jay