Jay Schraub

...hittin' the road and goin east!

Greetings all, another month is upon us! and excitement awaits! This saturday the 9th Im performing at a great acoustic festival out in Lombard Illinois called the In Bloom Fest!! Im very excited for this event and hope you will be attending too!

After that, I am out and on the road for a bit! Hitting New York and many amazing opportunities that await that trip! I havent event stepped into the city yet and my calendar is getting full! Im very very very excited to be in New York and also my gigs around PA as well on the way! looking into doing stuff in Ohio too so stay tuned everybody!!

For whatever reason I realized my album was not selling individual tracks so...I have corrected this and now you can buy my tracks single's. so enjoy and thanks for the listens!

until next time, peace and love and see you on the road!

- Jay Schraub