Jay Schraub

Updates and more


Good evening everybody, I hope October is treating you all very very well!


Shows are out of the way for now, and all I have going on musically is working on my brand new album! I am very very excited about the progress I have made for this new one and I feel you all will enjoy it too!


I hope you like the new website layout, Ive worked a bit on this as well, Enjoy!


Until next time, peace and love:


- Jay Schraub

Small little update for you all


Greetings all,


So figured I would update you all a bit as I have a bad habit lately of going dark for you all, so...


My new album I am working on has consumed most of my time, I have around 30 tracks recorded right now, the process of winding it down to a album will be extremely hard. The recording process is a difficult one, ALOT of time and energy goes into it. Because of this time consuming thing, I am going easy on the shows this year. You all only have 3 chances to see my life this year now, check out my dates on here and I hope to see you out!


I will be playing THREE NEW SONGS at the upcoming shows, I hope you can come out and enjoy them! These three songs are for sure 100% going to be on the next album:

Tomorrows YesterdayCarry On
Live That Dream


so come out, hear some of what ive been working on, and enjoy!


peace and love,


- Jay

The Calm...


Happy August everybody,


I know things have been slower for me this year, I have been quite busy behind the scenes working on another record I hope to have out to you all early next year! I feel this year should be a more calm year for me musically while I focus my attention on my next music project,


My next gig is in September at the Hairpin Art Center, look at my calendar for more info!


Until next time, Peace and Love


- Jay

The future shines so bright...


Greetings everybody!

I know once again It has been a long time since I last updated you all, I have been playing out, a handful of secret gigs on top of my already booked shows! Make Music Chicago was a huge success this year as it is every year, I love playing that festival as its always great to see a big city such as Chicago embrace the arts and embrace creativity in music!

Speaking up festivals, I am playing the last day of YES Fest 2019 this year on the Yeti Stage, its located over at Elmhurst College and its always a lovely festival, I highly suggest not only seeing me but stick around and explore the other stages and check out the many other artists and talents performing that entire weekend, you wont regret it!

Onto new album news, my work on it continues to grow more and more, I was laying down drum tracks yesterday on a few new songs I had recorded and I am really really digging how its all sounding and coming together. I have a grand vision for this next record and I hope you will still be along for the journey, the 3rd album they say is the most difficult.

Until next time everybody, Peace and Love!


- Jay Schraub

Make Music Chicago, and updates!!


Hello All,


Hope the last few months have been kind to you all, today I recorded a podcast with the ArtCanFix podcast and I will be debuting a brand new song on the podcast so stay tuned for it to drop!


Happy to announce that I will performing at this years Make Music Chicago fest, I have 2 locations I am playing at this year check my calendar for where you can see me play!


Also my new record Soon has made some album charts so I appreciate the recent spike in purchases that have been made! If you havent picked it up yet, check out my store and get your copy today!


Until next time everyone,


Peace and Love!


- Jay Schraub

More And More Gigs!


Hello everybody, been a while since I have checked in.


The new record "Soon" is doing pretty well, and Im very happy with all the positive feedback it has gotten in reviews! If you have not picked up a copy feel free to do so via my store on here.


I have some exciting gigs coming up on March 16th at The Elbo Room, and then have a busy April ahead of a gig at Evanston Rocks and then at Grandmas Wine Bar And Deli. I am excited to be getting out and playing more!!


Until next time! Peace and Love!


- Jay Schraub

a check in and a fresh start!


Hello everybody,


I know its been a while since I have updated you all, I have some shows coming up that im mega excited for! I have put together a great writers night at the Elbo Room Lounge, which is such a cool venue. Im excited to have everybody there!


I have been mega busy recording a new batch of songs that you will all hopefully hear soon! Until then I suggest picking up my new album "Soon" there are links to it in my online store!


until next time, peace and love!


- Jay Schraub

And suddenly...I'm busy!


Greetings everybody,


I know its been a few months since the last update, I have been super busy working on promoting the new album and scheduling dates to play this stuff live for you all!

My birthday show at the cubby bear was a huge success and Im very proud everybody dug the stuff from "Soon" its still a new release so songs need time to grow, but the reception tells me I am on the right track sound wise and hopefully the album will reach people that will mega enjoy it as much as ive enjoyed creating it all!


I have a TON of new dates coming up so please please check the calendar and try and come out to see me sometime soon! would love to see you there!


Also if you havent already my new album Soon is available now across all media formats so get on Amazon, or ITunes and give it a listen, tell me what you think!


peace and love,


- Jay Schraub

Some Q and A on a monday


Its been a while, I am busy at work with gigs ahead, check out my calendar for more info!


My album "Soon" is making some nice moves, I would appreciate the support of a purchase and if you can please review it too! I cannot do this without you all, thank you so so much!

so lets do us a short Q and A with some questions I get here and there:


what is your goal with 'Soon' and why did you name it that? - Soon was a running joke, almost right after releasing my previous record 'Chasing Neverland' I was getting questions of my next release and I would also tell them "Soon is the word" so when it came time to name this one, Soon just seemed logical. as for what my goal was for this, I felt that Neverland had a different ideas going wild, this one I was set to a more tone structure, a more stripped back album.


vocally for you, what is your favorite song to sing? - Boston hands down for me, such a challenging song for my vocally and when I hit it, I feel above air!


Out of the songs on 'soon' which one is your personal favorite? - right now for me, its Older N' Older, as I get older I find that song rings more and more true each and every day, and quite frankly it scares the hell out of me!


Any advice you would give to your younger self musically? - Be yourself right from the start, dont try and sing like anybody else, dont push so many things away from you.


If you could have anybody sing one of your songs, who would it be and what song? - Axl Rose for starters, and I would most want him to sing Love Ditty which isnt released yet...maybe im waiting for Axl to sing it! As for other singers Peter Cetera singing Boston or Road I Missed would be incredible to hear!


Is that a bass I hear on this album??? - yes, yes it is! amazing Goodwill is amazing!


When you solo on the electric guitar on your stuff, what style are you going for? - Terry Kath, meets Slash meets Noel Gallagher but not being able to actually play to the abilities of any of them.


If John Lennon could sing one of your songs, what would it be? - Older N' Older, I feel he would do a version of that just him at a piano.


thats it for now, Until next time, check out my store and buy my album!


peace and love,


- Jay Schraub

festivals and more!


Hello All,


I hope you are enjoying the new music, I am so so proud of how this new record has turned out, and I thank you all very much for listening!


Steel Bridge Songfest was a HUGE success, I always love performing at it, and love debuting songs there.


I am playing a few farmers markets this year, and I also am playing YES Fest this year too! check out my calendar for more info!


Until next time, keep listening to the music,


peace and love


- Jay Schraub

"Soon" IS OUT NOW!!!!


Hello, all!


Very exciting times ahead, as my new album "Soon" has been released today!! here is the link to buy via cd baby https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/jayschraub3


you can also visit my store on here for more buying options, Im very excited for this release and Im very very proud of how this album sounds and flows together. I hope you will dig it as much as Ive enjoyed making it over the last 2 years!

Tonight, Im A Rock n' Roll star!!


Peace and Love,


- Jay Schraub

Road I Missed Video and Soon out next weekend!


Greetings all,

The time has arrived! so so happy to debut my new music video for the single "Road I Missed"

And im also happy to announce the new album which "Road I Missed" is on titled "Soon" is out next Saturday the 26th! I have a pre-order link to its ITunes release in the store on here.


Thats all for now, a very busy June ahead for me,


peace and love


- Jay Schraub

gigs and more gigs!!


Hello all,

My calendar is starting to fill up nicely! Super pumped for the gig at Uncommon Ground on Devon end of April with Matt Buck, Ross Childs and Ramon Guillen!! I hope you can all make it!!

Im also super excited to announce I will be back at Steel Bridge Songfest this year in beautiful Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin!!

And after that, I am back once again at Make Music Chicago!! Its a yearly tradition to play around this beautiful city of Chicago! and Im always excited to play places cool, you can catch me on the river walk this year!!

full info for all shows, in my calendar! check it out, and see you at the shows!

peace and love,

- Jay Schraub

Soon Album Cover!!


just a quick check in, have a gig coming up next month as part of Folk You!! see my calendar for more info!!

I am very very happy to announce, this is the cover art for my new record "Soon"

I am very very excited for this release!!! first single should be out......soon!!!

until next time, peace and love!

- Jay Schraub



greetings everybody!!


have something exciting to share with you all, my new album will be called "SOON" and im very very excited about this record and everything that went into making this happen, I know and hope you all will like it too! its more stripped back than the previous album "Chasing Neverland" which if you havent bought it yet, please do so via my store!!

so what this means with the new record coming soon?? release date will be in May...I know its a ways off but Its worth the wait to do final edits and gets the package together and all that. May will be here soon enough and you will have a new record from me!!

now...lets post a small spoiler...here is SOME of the tracks...I will give little updates with more titles in the coming months...first single should hit in either Feb or March...


"Number On A Wire"

"Its All The Same"

"Shine Shine Shine"


there...3 new titles!!! "Its All The Same" has a live video posted on my youtube already so head to the videos section to check it out!

until next time everybody, peace and love


- Jay Schraub

...its the end of the year as we know it (and I feel fine)


Hello everybody, its the end of 2017 so lets look back!!

My tours taking me to Vegas, LA, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and NY were amazing and I loved every second of performing for you all!! I cant wait to come back to those cities in the future!

This year ends the cycle of my "Chasing Neverland" album. if you havent bought it yet, I appreciate you doing so sometime in the very near future!

and now, we look into.......the future!!! a new album is on the way next year that im very very excited about! its going to be called "Soon" and Im looking forward to sharing all this with you and the journey of the songs the album takes you on, its well worth the wait!!

so until next year, happy a very happy and healthy new years eve! see you when the sun shines upon 2018!

peace and love,

- Jay

A long December....


greetings everybody!

hope your holidays are going well for you so far,

my album is 10 bucks right now so head to the merch page and pick up a copy if you have not yet. I really appreciate all the support these past few years for my album "Chasing Neverland" It really means the world to me!

I will have a new album to share with you all next year, the title will be "Soon" and I really really hope you will dig it as much as Ive been enjoying making this album.

until next time, Ill have a new song uploaded for you to hear a little bit of what im working on.

peace and love,

- Jay Schraub

feelin like tomorrow is yesterday...


Greetings All,

I know that its been a while, I have been busy with post tour business, and recording and writing almost daily. I am happy to announce the new album is coming along mega mega nicely, and I cannot wait for next year for you all to hear this!

A big shout out to Lonely Oak Radio for playing my song Gabby, and also thanks to all of you for watching the video and streaming the song!

My album Chasing Neverland is available in the store on here, It would make a great christmas gift im sure!

until next time folks,

peace and love

Jay Schraub

Tour Wrap Up and Music Video!!


Greetings all!

The tour out east was ALOT of fun and alot of hours, I wont forget it! Thanks to all who came out to the shows and all the awesome people I met along the way! Videos and Pictures will come!

I have a brand new music video out for my song Gabby!! come and check it out!

also have an update in the calendar too, a gig on the 7th for Everyday Edgebrook, and a gig in November for American Troubadour Night! hope to see you at the gigs!

Until next time, Peace and Love!

- Jay Schraub

...hittin' the road and goin east!


Greetings all, another month is upon us! and excitement awaits! This saturday the 9th Im performing at a great acoustic festival out in Lombard Illinois called the In Bloom Fest!! Im very excited for this event and hope you will be attending too!

After that, I am out and on the road for a bit! Hitting New York and many amazing opportunities that await that trip! I havent event stepped into the city yet and my calendar is getting full! Im very very very excited to be in New York and also my gigs around PA as well on the way! looking into doing stuff in Ohio too so stay tuned everybody!!

For whatever reason I realized my album was not selling individual tracks so...I have corrected this and now you can buy my tracks single's. so enjoy and thanks for the listens!

until next time, peace and love and see you on the road!

- Jay Schraub

August updates and some semi news...


Greetings all, I have added a bunch of new shows to the calendar so be sure to check there and hopefully I will see you at a show in the future!

My album is selling well on itunes which is really cool to have a decent online presence so thank you so so much for buying the album and supporting me! I really appreciate it and love it!

I did not make the finals in the songwriting contest but thats alright! just making the semi's was really really cool to me! better luck next time!

In a small semi news, I will be hitting the road this september, so be on the look out my east coast people, I may be coming to your town! more info in a few weeks as I begin to plan and plan! stay tuned to the site!

until next time everybody, Ive put something new up in the audio section so hopefully you enjoy the song!

peace and love,

- Jay

July and a song contest


Greetings all!

Hope your July is going well for you all,

I have big news, I am a semi finalist in a songwriting contest out on WHIW Radio in Harvard IL! Even better there is a peoples choice for it! so feel free to visit the site and go vote for me! here is the site to go vote on for my song "The Road I Missed"


I have two gigs these next 2 saturdays at the flat iron arts building in Chicago for the Junk Drawer Variety Show! should be a fantastic time starts at 9:30pm

Until next time! peace and love, and dont forget to buy my album!

- Jay

new updates: June edition


greetings all, hope the summer season is treating you all well.

More and more music coming soon I promise, I have a songwriting contest I intend to enter within the next few weeks and I will share more then.

My tour was a HUGE success, Vegas, LA and Santa Monica were awesome, and then part 2 of Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay were equally as amazing! I love touring and hitting the road, would love to return to all those places next year, also another Nashville trip, and would love to hit the east coast this next year as well.

I have some gigs coming up in July so please check my calendar often here as It can update at the drop of a hat.

until next time, peace and love

- Jay

Steel Bridge 2K17!


greetings everybody, a very quick check in! for starters, I am performing at Make Music Chicago this year on June 21st, so far just at Lincoln Park Zoo! so come out and enjoy the music at noon!

next up, in June which is a very busy musical month for me!!! I am very very happy and excited to announce I will be returning at Steel Bridge Songfest this year out in beautiful Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin! Its one of my favorite festivals I ever played and im honored to be brought back this year to entertain all of you once again that make the travel to there every year to support us songwriters!

until next time, peace and love to you all!

just checking in everybody


Greetings all! Hope the transition into Spring is going well for everybody, the winter tries to stick around here and there hopefully it stays nice out more often.

I am happy to announce that I am performing at a wonderful songwriters night at the stage left cafe out in woodstock illinois! im very very excited to perform at this great evening! and I hope to see you all come out for it as well!

be on the look out for another music video in the coming weeks, I am excited to shoot another video for the album, I cant believe its been out a year already! If you have not purchased it yet please visit my store and do so, you will not be disappointed!

until next time, see ya at the shows, and see ya on the road!

Jay Schraub

is that a tour??


hello once again everybody, hope everything is well with all of you!


my song "Gabby" is my most streamed song right now on Spotify for me, so thank you all so much for supporting and digging the music, a music video will be happening for the track soon! so stay tuned for that!

also a huge thanks for those that voted for me in the recent guitar center songwriting competition, I would not have done as well without all of you sticking by me!

I have a number of new songs being recorded and worked on at the moment, very excited for this new material and hope you will be as well. perhaps sometime i shall upload a couple of new tracks for you to hear what ive been working on and hope to release summer of 2018.

I am performing at the legendary cubby bear this wednesday night at 8pm! its a free show as part of MER's Songwriter Showcase, im very very excited to be apart of this and look forward to debuting a new song at this event! its kind of surreal to be playing a stage the foo fighters once played just last year!

and now, my big news for you all, a new year bring a new tour!! i have dates in my calendar so click and see where i will be playing at! I love touring, love the road and the traveling!

until next time everybody, peace and love!

- Jay

Onward to 2017


Greetings everybody!

My retreat for writing is going well, got a number of new songs to share with you all in the future! im excited for these new songs!

Dates for gigs are coming up starting in March, this will be a mega busy year for me, I hope you all can join me on this ride!

also: announcing here for you all....

TOUR 2017!!!

Dates coming soon! hope to see you around this country of ours!

Peace and Love,

Jay Schraub

The End of 2016


Greetings everybody!! hope the winter holidays and end of the year has treated you all well.

lets do a little update!

my Album "Chasing Neverland" is selling well, a big boost in online downloads! if you have not gotten your copy yet, go ahead and head to my store and pick yours up today!

I am done doing gigs until next year, may take the first two months off this year to solely focus on writing and recording alot! I will be hitting the road in 2017 and would love nothing more than for all of you to hear ALOT of new, quality material! I have a feeling you all are really going to dig the new stuff.

within the next few days, I plan on uploading some audio on here for you all to listen to, and gonna try and do a few live streams from the studio in the future! so stay tuned!

until next time everybody, have a wonderful end of the year, and I will see all of you in 2017!

lets conquer the world with peace and love!

- Jay

Jay: An Update


greetings all, I hope your November has started off really well!

Had a great halloween show at Silvies Lounge, tried out a new song which went over really well. I have a show in November and one in December, go to my calendar on here for more info on both, and hopefully I'll see you all at one of the shows!

Been writing ALOT lately, and will be trying out this new stuff at shows coming up! My album "Chasing Neverland" is selling well, if you havent bought it yet, please visit my store and pick up a copy for yourself.

I am entered into the Guitar Center Songwriter contest, if you can please go over there and vote for me! https://songwriter.amplifiertv.com/channel/Jay+Schraub

this is it for now, see you at the shows!

peace and love,

Jay Schraub

I remember halloween....


Hello all, its been a while since I had updated on anything, October is about to close up, I have a gig October 29th at Silvies Lounge which will be a fantastic evening of artists! more gigs coming in November, so stay tuned to my calendar on here!

My album continues to get praise from those who hear it, so if you havent picked up yours yet, please visit my store here and do so.

For my future gigs, I may be bringing back a bunch of old songs that I have not played in a long while, hopefully they go over well, I have re-imagined a few of them so hopefully you all like the changes made!

Hope to see you all at the shows, and keep on listening to the music!

Peace and Love,

- Jay Schraub

30 years on, and september arriving


hello once again everybody!

first of all, the 28th was my 30th birthday, its been a long journey for me, but an exciting one! so to celebrate it, I am offering a FREE 4 song EP for download on here! to go to the audio section and scroll down and you will find the album "30 years on..." there!

If you have not already, my full studio album "Chasing Neverland" is available now via cd baby, go to the "STORE" on here and pick up your copy or download today!

September looks to be a busy one, playing 2 different variety nights, on the 13th over at Shakers On Clark for the Vanguardians, and on the 25th at the Underground Lounge for the flow shop bangers sunday show! it should be a great night each show and im very much looking forward to what is coming next musically for me!

thats all the updates I have for now, enjoy the music, pick up the album, and see you at the shows!

peace and love,

Jay Schraub

end of august updates


greetings all, hope your August has been a good one! My birthday is on Sunday and I cannot wait to see what the next chapter of my life brings for me. Thank you all for being apart of this ride of mine!

I have added to the audio section a free download of the mono mix of my song "I Said To You" so I hope you will download and enjoy it!

September brings more shows, one confirmed one so far is sunday the 25th at the underground lounge for the sunday show again, so i hope to see you all out there for that amazing night of talent!

More things in the works, will update you all when more things get confirmed!

If you havent already, visit my store on here, and pick up a copy of my album "Chasing Neverland" your support really means alot to me!

until next time,

peace and love

- Jay Schraub

busy august and beyond


The end of the July is upon us, got one more show for this month at Akasha Bar in Louisville Kentucky! So I hope to see you louisville people there!

my august is a busy one again, August 7th im at the underground lounge in wrigleyville for their sunday night variety show, its a great night with so many talented people doing various things, it will be a great evening! and then august 17th im at the underground wonderbar, that venue is my favorite in the entire city, the staff and lonie the owner are all amazing people that have put alot of faith in me over the last 2 years of me performing there on a almost bi-monthly basis. it truely is a great evening everytime I perform on that stage! and since this show is very close to my birthday it is also doubling as my yearly birthday show. I hope to see as many chicago people there as possible!

I have put on here as a freedownload one of my oldest songs "Believe In Me" I really hope you enjoy this one, its a personal favorite of mine since 2007 when I wrote it and performed it for the first time.

Have a great end of July, see everybody for an equally amazing August!

peace and love,

Jay Schraub

new update!!


Hello all,

Its been a busy few months for me, and more exciting times are ahead!


Got two gigs in Chicago this tuesday, then next wednesday! should be a great time at both, Ive been writing alot so I have ALOT of new songs to get out!

Make Music Chicago was a HUGE success, and Im very happy with how those gigs turned out, had a great turn out at both shows! and some people picked up my album which you can find on this site in the "store" option!

I have more videos on my video section, hopefully you will go there and check those out, Have a new music video for my song "Chasing Neverland" which is the title track off the album, so I hope you enjoy it!

Until next time everybody!

be good to each other, peace and love.

- Jay Schraub

interview this thursday!


greetings all! just got done with a leg of the tour in Nashville TN that was mega mega successful, want to thank Whiskey Rhythm Saloon and Jeds Sports Bar and Grille for having me out! and to lightning 100 radio in nashville, I hope you enjoy my album and hope a few songs gets spins on your radio station!

I am very excited about my busy June in chicago, and cant wait to start announcing things in July!

In big news, i will be interviewed on the radio again this time on The Edge On Air in Chicago


there are links to listen live on that site. im on at 2:30 pm this thursday!

enjoy the summer months and dont forget my album is available to purchase now!! go to my store on here and pick yourself up a copy!

all the best, until next time!

Jay Schraub

update for april


greetings everybody, i know its been a while and updates arent as often as they used to be. I have been very very busy with my music now that my album is out. if you havent picked up your copy yet you can do so via my store on here!

ALOT going on these next few months, performing in Nashville, performing at a city wide music festival here in Chicago, and then in July im seeing all my fans in Louisville! stay tuned for venue location and times.

I may upload a brand new song ive been working on here next week. stay tuned!

all the best,

Jay Schraub

radio interview and more!


greetings all,

I know its been a while, my album will be released March 26th!! you can come out to Bru Chicago for my album release show that same day! more details in my calendar on here.

I will be appearing tomorrow on the radio in Chicago on WIIT 88.9FM, I will be talking about the new album and my upcoming gigs, be sure to tune in!

until next time,

Jay Schraub

Chasing Neverland....SOON!


"someday i will let this go, and everything shall pass, ill be on the otherside, chasing neverland"

see ya in march folks!! fun times ahead! get ready for the journey!

until then, ive uploaded a clip of song from the new album!! this song is called "In Our World" soon to be off my new album "Chasing Neverland" things will be picking up soon, so get ready!! im about to blow the doors off!

- Jay Schraub

Happy Holidays 2015!!


Merry Christmas, happy Chanukah, kwazy Kwanza, a tip-top Tet, and a solemn, dignified Ramadan to you all!! im going idle for a little bit at the end of this year and early next year, I will return with a bunch of awesome stuff by March or April 2016 so stay tuned!! awesome and busy times ahead!!

much love to you all, hope the holidays and the new year treat you all incredibly well! ive uploaded a new song to listen to and download for free for the holidays! its brand new called "heres to rose" its more folky which is the direction im going in now, so enjoy a new song and happy holidays once again!!

peace and love to all of you, be good to each other!

Jay Schraub

hello again!


its been a few days, much to catch up on though! next month on the 2nd will be my last show of 2015 at one of my favorite venues in chicago the underground wonderbar! the staff and everybody around that place is fantastic and i couldnt ask for a better venue to have my final 2015 performance in! see  you all next year!!

southern fans, i may be seeing you next year! stay tuned! and my old friends in southern illinois i may be seeing you as well, much going on, much to tell at a later date!

I recorded a new song lyrics by my father, hope you enjoy it, i really like it alot, its a very folky which is where most of my music is going these days, you can download it free in the audio section, its called "changing oasis" i really love this track and hope you will too!

thats it for now, come out and see me december second at underground wonderbar on clark street downtown chicago! starts at 8pm goes until 10:30 and its only 5 bucks to get in!

peace and love
- Jay Schraub

monthly check in


I know its been a month since i last posted, things have been busy as per usual with me.

writing and recording has been coming along really nicely, took a little break from it to cool off so to speak as to avoid a little burn out from the whole process. back at it and writing again, cant wait to release another album for you all, you will love this new material!

we are in the holidays right now, perhaps something in december is in order for you all, i got alot of good praise for my christmas ep i gave away last year....hummmm

lots going on in the shadows, stay tuned!

until next time,

Jay Schraub

greetings all!


hello there, I hope you are enjoying the new songs to download in the audio section! im excited about the future for my music and i can tell by looking at the traffic of downloads you are excited too!

Sadly i had to cancel a gig this wednesday night at the abbey pub as i need some rest from singing for a week or so, next gig right now is October 14th at Shakers on Clark for the home for wayward artists variety show/fundraiser night! it was a blast last time and i will be planning a special setlist this go around so come out and enjoy the night of free entertainment! I will again have my cd's on me for this occasion and like last time any album sales i make during this gig will go directly for the home for wayward artists so buy seven or eight albums to give as gifts and support the amazing organization!

I have made a music video!! you can view it in the "Videos" section on here! i love how this turned out and hope you will enjoy it and the song too!

also before i forget, i have entered the guitar center songwriter contest again! so head over watch some videos and maybe even register and vote! 

much love to you all, until next time stay true to yourselves!

peace and love,

Jay Schraub

hello everybody...


Its been a while since ive posted on here, Hope everybody has had a great summer so far! I had a great birthday gig at Cafe Urbano, great crowd and great atmosphere for a gig! would love to play there again in the very near future!

My September starts off with a bang, next wednesday night im performing at a variety show at Shakers On Clark, 3160 N. Clark, show starts at 8pm, it will be a very fun night!

Work continues on recording, ALOT of writing has been happening so ive been doing alot of messing about in the studio, Ive uploaded a new song called "I Said To You" that i mixed in classic Mono!! Ive always been a huge Beatles fan so I decided to finally mix a song in their classic mono mix style!! its a very Lennon-esque number anyway, so i hope you all enjoy!

thats it for now, peace and love!

Jay Schraub

small news update


greetings everybody, busy August ahead, the 9th im at the underground lounge in wrigleyville, then august 10th im at livewire lounge again for the phil cirlce acoustic monday! also have some other things in the works so stay tuned!

recording is going along nicely, lots of editing and vocal overdubbing, ive uploaded a new song from these recent sessions to head to audio and check it out! its called "perfect flashing light"

working on doing a few music videos in the future and finally opening an online shop so hope to have these things done by october!

until next time, keep chasing the dream!

peace and love

Jay Schraub

update check in


Greetins everybody! hope the summer so far is serving you all well!

Recording is going really really well, alot of new songs popping up, so we shall see where things get placed on certain albums...maybe ill even do another free download EP sometime this year, hummmmm...

August will be a busy one for me, ALOT going on, check the calender on here for the start of it, more to hopefully be announced soon!

I am feeling generous since i dont update this as much as i would like to these days, so enjoy a new-ish song called "A Lifetime" those who found me via XRP Radio will know this track quite well, its charted on their chart show made it as far as number 10!

until next time everybody! peace and love!

Jay Schraub

another quick check in


Hello all, its been a while

Things have been busy behind the scenes, been recording alot and writing a ton of songs for future releases and its all coming along really really nicely. I have a gig coming up this monday night at LiveWire Lounge on Milwaukee ave here in Chicago. its a great music venue last time i was there was when I opened for Michale Graves! I love that venue and am excited to be back there again.

The TV Taping at Abbey Pub was a success, had a great turn out i believe it airs tonight or next thursday on CANTV here in Chicago. Hope to perform there again for Flabby at the Abbey!

Alot in the works, alot on the horizon to be excited about, more on the way, in the mean time you may notice a couple of addition in the "VIDEOS" section so enjoy!

peace and love

- Jay Schraub

small little update


Hello everybody, hope you are all doing well!


very very excited to be returning to Steel Bridge Songfest this year! its a festival i love and fully support. i love the drive there and all the people in sturgeon bay! if you are every there eat at Kimz great food!

Recording has picked back up again for me, been writing alot lately, eventually I will have to start rating my new songs and see where to put them on a new album that will hopefully be released this year sometime! already in the process of getting artwork done by a very very talented artist friend!

I have uploaded a new NEW song as of Thursday new! enjoy it "A.K.A; Bring The Fury" its a cool song with different parts to it, check it out let me know what you think!

until next time everybody, never stop dreaming!

Jay Schraub

an amazing night and small update!


greetings everybody! its been a long time but ive been very very busy,

working more on the next album, set of re-records and more writing and putting together demos for future songs to be recorded, all the way around busyness for me but very exciting times ahead.

i am playing around with a cool release idea for a future series of albums but i wont give anything away on those details until im sure of all i want to accomplish/want to do with those releases but stay tuned!

I have to touch upon this experience from last night here in Chicago, I had the amazing amazing opportunity to open for Michale Graves of The Misfits at the livewire lounge! it was an incredible incredible show (video in the videos section on here) what made this show even cooler for me is how everything kinda came full circle for me last night musically.


I went to see Michale Graves back in 08, this show came right around the time my old band ZR broke up and I was without any bandmates, I saw Graves was coming to Chicago for an acoustic tour so i jumped at the chance to see him caus hearing him acoustically sounded amazing to me! so i went to the gig and at that show was when i got the inspiration to do what im doing with the acoustic music of mine, when he did the song Descending Angel and the whole crowd sang along to the backing vocal on that track i looked behind me at everybody and went "yeah! i can do this!!" and so started my journey!

heres me and Graves back in 08 the night that changed everything for me!

so last night getting to open for him was a dream come true, to actually open for a guy that really influenced you to do the music youre doing now is so huge for me! it was one of those "dreams do come true" moments in every way. one of the coolest and more surreal nights i will never ever forget!

me and Graves from last night

one of the really really amazing things about last night too is that Graves sat in the crowd with everybody else and sat and watched and listened to my set and the other two openers sets, then went up onstage and rocked the place like always! and one of the really really cool moments for me as well is that now Michale Graves owns a copy of my album "post illusions" I hope you enjoy the album Michale!

until next time everybody, i will be riding this high for a very very long time!

peace and love

Jay Schraub

dimos wonder songfest!!


greetings all! hope all is well with everybody, lets catch up a bit here shall we?

busy times ahead, april 8th im at my favorite pizza place in chicago Dimos Pizza in wicker park right off the damen blue line stop! that show starts at 8pm, its free and all ages.

next one up is april 15th at the legendary underground wonderbar downtown chicago on clark street by the rock n roll mcdonalds, that show starts at 8 and goes until 10:30 and then after me is the wonderful Lonie Walker and his big ass band! so truely a night of amazing music in chicago, its 5 bucks to get in, and 21 and over only, they have alot of great drinks at that bar and the staff is incredible!

and i am very very excited to announce that i will be back performing once again at the steel bridge songfest in sturgeon bay wisconsion! its the weekend of june 11th - june 14th. more info in my calendar on here!

in the meantime i am working more and more on the new album, plan on doing a photoshoot coming up for the eventual release so be ready, lots of new music coming from me this year!

also a small tease...i will be doing a side project with some friends of mine an acoustic rap project and thats all im saying...the nation will rise!

until next time, peace and love!

Jay Schraub

small update!


greetings! been busy lately, had a gig on the weekend at the Chi-Fi con at the legendary Palmer House Hilton downtown chicago! special thanks to Anne and James for having me out once again!

moving on, been busy working on more songs in the studio, adding more drums to tracks for the next release to give it a more complete sound. Im very very excited about this next step in my recordings and you should be too. some samples to come in the next few weeks or so...

My next gig is at the amazing Underground Wonderbar in downtown chicago. its 5 bucks to get in, and 21 and over only. Im on from 8 to 10:30 so it will be a nice night of music from me, doing a bunch of old songs and alot of new songs being played for the first time ever and some songs i have not played in about 4 years so it will be a great show and worth checking out for sure!

anyway this is it, until next time, peace and love!

Jay Schraub

10 questions with Jay: 2-25-15


I think im going to do this every month from here on out, just like a 10 questions people send me, would be a fun project and more into my life on a music basis. so with that said, lets do this!!

Q - what got you started on all this what influenced and inspired you?

Jay - To me, I feel it got all started with the album "Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" it got me to want to record music, I did everything I could. I had a tape recorder and a boom box, what i would do is I would record a guitar part, I would then get a new tape, play the guitar part on my boom box, and I would sing into the tape recorder while the instrumental would play on the boom box next to it. Its how i recorded back then with no computer as a kid. I thought i was brilliant and would quickly make the next sgt pepper!!! has yet to happen hahaha. in terms of what got me into the drive of playing guitar, his name is Ace Frehley and hes a great player in one of my all time favorite bands, KISS ALIVE! is one of those album that would get me into that itch to do this thing for a living, I thought my playing was alright and then enter Buckethead. he got me into that "I NEED TO LEARN SO SO MUCH MORE ABOUT GUITAR!!" songwriting wise its very much Cat Stevens and OASIS inspired, mainly the Oasis album "whats the story morning glory?" that really shaped the style i write in.

Q - what are some of the songs you wrote you are looking forward to releasing sometime?

Jay - Eyes Of Tomorrow Shine is a short but nice little drive song, Cant Go Back To Here Again is another great song im very very much looking forward to. and the song Lifetime is a song I have fallen in love with since I wrote it. very excited about my future output musically!

Q - what is your favorite song to perform live??

Jay - oh man....that changes so often!! Believe In Me used to be a jam of mine way way back when, Morning Life Into The Fade is a really really fun one I really enjoy performing I get into it big time when i play it! recently its a trio of Carousel, One More Day and Childhoods Dream. I love those songs so very much!

Q - you seem to have a bit of songs that seem to be about people, care to break down some of them?

Jay - ill give a little bit of insight i suppose....The Light Forever Shines On You, For Today (used to be All for Mary) - Mary, Phoenix Child... Hazy, Glass Wings - Brittany... Cant Go Back To Here Again, Movin' On - Eva....all Im gonna say for now....

Q - what is your favorite song you have ever written??

Jay - !!!!!dammit!!!! I have to really think about this....as of right now, lyrically and vocally im gonna go with Childhoods Dream. it constantly changes though.

Q - favorite gig??

Jay - each gig as favorite moments for me....The Hard Rock Cafe gig was terrific to be on that stage and to have a huge room of people seeing me do what I do best was very thrilling for me and a night I wont ever forget. It was a great evening and probably my favorite performance of A Love Ditty ive ever done.

Q - who are some of the singers that inspire your style of singing??

Jay - Steve Perry, Axl Rose, Liam Gallagher, Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan have all held influences in my singing style.

Q - any chance of re-releasing the acoustical series of albums from 2009 - 2010??

Jay - ya know, ive thought about that and quite frankly outside of stuff ive re-recorded and put or will put on later albums, I have no intention of re-releasing those album because they honestly are not very good. they were a moment in time where I wasnt fully sure of what i was trying to do yet, and still messing with the sound on record. so basically, if you bought a volume of Acoustical from me, enjoy it you have something nobody else will have!

Q - shotgun blues album "were not emo" any shot of putting that out publicly?

Jay - I would never do it unless we all got together and agreed to put it back out there in some capacity, that band meant alot to me and im sure everybody else involved in it. If its put back out I wouldnt make the call myself I would bring it up with everybody and perhaps get us all money out of it being put out. Me, James, Kyle, Andrew and Wes worked very very hard on those songs so we should get something for them.

Q - any shot of bringing back The Bozo Song in the setlists since that got airplay on WGN??

Jay - oh....its been in a setlist! last year at the STEEL BRIDGE SONGFEST I performed that song and It went over really really great! I think part of its absence since that appearance on WGN News for it I started to become known as "that bozo guy" and I couldnt do a gig without somebody yelling out "BOZO!!" during the shows...I wanted more than to be remembered for a novelty song.


Well, this was alot of fun!! lets make this a monthly thing! until next time everybody, peace and love!

Jay Schraub

checking in


Hello all!

Hope these winter months arent too awful for you, snowed really badly in Chicago this last week but i continue on! Recording is getting done in almost a record pace....Im gonna be a good guy and let you all hear some of this stuff, Ive uploaded a few tracks ive recorded recently on here so enjoy! though your only getting the instrumental of "Dont Leave" right now, Im very proud of this track and cannot wait until the new album is finished and out so you all can hear this song full with vocals!

I have a show im very excited about coming up on the 17th at Uncommon Ground in Wrigleyville right by Wrigley Field! show starts at 8 and im on at 9pm! its 5 bucks to get in and all ages so I really hope to see you all there It will be an amazing night of music!

This is it for me now, enjoy life everybody, see you at the shows!


Jay Schraub

quick update for a new show!!


Hello all! hope you are enjoying the winter months and staying warm! Been busy as always recording, recently going outside of my own style and incorporating some outside influences on a song, trust me you will all love it!! cannot wait to unleash these new songs on the world! first taste of some of the new stuff will be heard this monday night the 19th starting at 8:30 pm over at livewire lounge chicago!! come on out and enjoy the music and a first glimpse into my new material! actually....check the audio section...and enjoy "Live It Up" is a pretty punky song, hope you all enjoy!

next show after that which im happy to announce is February 17th over at Uncommon Ground on Clark street right by Wrigley Field. very very excited to be performing at this venue, its a great room. its all ages and just 5 bucks to get in for a night of incredible music!

until next time, peace and love everybody!


Jay Schraub

new year, new updates!


hello everybody! figured i would check in tonight to fill you in on some stuff coming up for me! this monday the 19th Im over at Livewire Lounge playing as part of a acoustic showcase hosted by the amazingly talented Phil Circle! I have some really really cool things in store for that show, and some new songs too! so be there!!


Happy to announce to you all right now that Chi-Fi is having me back this year!!! Very very excited to be performing at that amazing convention once again, I will be joined again by Xavier McKnight on the bass for it.


Recording is underway once again as always, recorded 3 songs today which im really digging how they are coming along. I hope to have my new album "Chasing Rainbows" out by the summer but we will see and hope and wait!


until next time true believers!


Jay Schraub

Happy Holidays update!!


greetings everybody!! I have uploaded a new EP for you all to download for free on here! just click on "audio" its the first thing there, enjoy and merry christmas!!


happy to announce that next year on January 19th I have a show at LiveWire Lounge 3394 N. Milwaukee starting at 8pm and goes until 2ish. hosted by the amazing Phil Circle its a night of acoustic music and fun! come out and enjoy!!


Not much to report at the moment, christmas time is here again and so im taking a little break the rest of the year see you all in 2015 and thank you all for the support and love this year! enjoy the free album and see you all in 2015 with news of shows/possible tour/ and a new album!


peace and love, take care of each other!


Jay Schraub

some new stuff


greetings everybody!


what a fun month its been, figured i would check in with an update or two:

First of all, Ive been busy as always inside of the studio, but im recording some mega cool things, check in the audio section ive left a little something for you to hear from these new sessions! i hope you enjoy it!


Secondly, December 5th is my last show of 2014, after this show is done i will see you all in 2015! so please come out and enjoy the december magic and wish 2014 goodbye with me over at the amazing Bru Chicago!!

Its always a wonderful time over at Bru! I love the venue and everybody who works there is all super awesome and supportive of me and my music! so come out and enjoy the night!

Last...not to give too much away, but you may want to hang around the site twords the end of december...you may get a little gift from me for Christmas! stay tuned...


Until next check in, be safe, and love love love!


- Jay Schraub

a quick update


its November 1st!!! fall is upon it, it snowed on halloween here in Chicago which was fun, merry christmas a few months early!


The show at Bru Chicago went amazingly well, a great turn out and another amazing night!! shout out to Jay Schraub fan Xochitl who won a free cd from my old band back in high school Shotgun Blues!! you can find that band on the web over at www.myspace.com/shotgunbluesband

I know I know, its Myspace...but it was popular the time we were around!! im sure mostly everybody still has their old pages...just dont remember the passwords anymore.


this month be sure to swing by and check me out for a tv taping at the abbey pub on November 19th, im on at 8:30 - 9 pm then im followed by some of the funniest local comedians here in Chicago. its free and 21 and over only, what a better way to spend a wednesday night!

wrote 4 new songs this past week and recorded rough demo's of them will get the full treatment soon just wanna tinker with them all before i do anything mega mega final.

enjoy november, bundle up its cold out! and stay away from lakeshore driver my chicago fans, water from the lake is spilling onto it.


Jay Schraub

show and another show and heroes


greetings all!


Show tomorrow night at the wonderful Bru!! starts at 7:30pm and will have some cool halloween type stuff going on! doing a little pumpkin hunt during the gig, so if your going be on the lookout for plastic pumpkins!!


Im playing another "flabby and the abbey" show which i always love doing, its such a wonderful time with really funny local stand up comics after my set, also this gets aired on local chicago channel CANTV on thursday nights! so a tv taping is always fun!


been writing ALOT lately, so time in the studio is in my future! maybe ill just put out two albums at the same time...


one of my heroes is coming to Chicago in december and im excited to be able to see him live finally, I grew up around the music of Cat Stevens and it really helped shape me and my musical journey. Stuff like Foreigner Suite and The Wind and Sitting are like a soundtrack of a simpler time in my life, each song has meaning to me in various stages. Some artists have that affect on you when you hear a song and hear the words it bring you alot of feelings, Cat Stevens is one of those artists. Im happy he is back writing and recording again and finally going on tour, this is his first is over 35 years! I have a feeling I will be very very in awe during it and very very mega inspired after its all over.

Just went on a bit of a long thing there but Cat Stevens is a hero of mine and I finally get to see him in person and not via a bunch of youtube videos.

I guess as Gene Simmons said "a world without heroes is no place to be, its no place for me"

...as an aside, what are some of your heroes?? like my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/JaySchraubMusic and let me know some of your heroes!!

until next check in, be good to each other, stay positive, avoid the darkness



quick updates


greetings all! its been a while...


writing and recording as always, working on the next album which will come out probably next year, alot of great ideas that im building upon with this stuff! some experimenting going on too with it, hopefully you all will enjoy it. I think I will upload a new song for you all to hear from the current sessions, its called "ZaZa Eah" which is what I used to call myself when i was around 1 years old. hopefully you guys like it, nice little simple song about my childhood years and getting into me today.


Very excited about the show at Bru at the end of October for some halloween fun!! I really dig the flier for it, its very Tim Burton style...

this will for sure be a great night out!!! come on out everybody! its all ages and free! a nice friday night out at an amazing coffee shop!


The show at the Wonderbar went really really well, great sound and a good turn out! thank you all who came out to support me! sold a few cd's too which is always nice!

the songwriting contest is still going on, go and watch and share my music all over!


take care everybody, dont stop chasing your dreams!!


- Jay Schraub

quick check in for a contest


greetings everybody!! just checking in really quick to let you all know that i am in a songwriting contest for Guitar Center and would love your support, all you need to really do is just watch the videos on my page on their site.



simple as that, so if you all could do that for me I would greatly greatly appreciate it ALOT!!!


show on the 17th is coming up soon, mega practice time for it, doing some cool things at the show!


until next time, peace and love!


Jay Schraub

shows and recording update


greetings everybody! its been a little while since the last update so lets update...


Show at Bru Chicago on the 29th was wonderful and simply amazing! a great night and great vocal night for me had some audience participation going and all that fun stuff! it was a great birthday gig!


next show is September 17th at the legendary Underground Wonderbar in downtown Chicago! im on from 8 to 10:30 it should be another great show, 5 bucks only gets you 2 and a half hours of great music!!

In really really great news Bru Chicago will be having me back October 24th for some Halloween fun!!!! Halloween is always my favorite time of year so something special will be happening at this show so be there!! that one is free and all ages!!

Recording is still under way, recorded a handful of new songs last weekend I really really enjoy all of them so far will be interesting when it comes time to select some of them for the next album but its the task of songwriting!!! I know for sure "chasing rainbows" "hold on" and "live your life" will be on the next album!!

until next time everybody! keep those dreams alive!!

Jay Schraub

quick check in


greetings greetings to all, checking in to say that my birthday show on the 29th at Bru Chicago is coming up next friday and im very very excited to perform at this venue! It will be a great fun night, I was originally going to just do like a 45 minute or so set and chill with you all, but i want to give you more, so plan for a really good set full of some new songs!! opening with a new song called "chasing rainbows" hope you all enjoy it!


Rockers Dive Radio continues to play my stuff, Kitty Opal played a song of mine too, and this sunday the UK got to hear my stuff too as XRP Radio played two of my songs on the air. including the debut of my new track "hold on"


underground wonder bar show is September 17th at 8pm to 10:30, its just 5 bucks to get in, im really really looking forward to performing at this legendary venue! its 21 and over only for those younger fans of mine.


anyway, thats it for now, more recording and more performing....lets do this!!


oh yeah...for those wondering about my surprise set at the jefferson park street fast it was a short set consisting of:


The Seeker (who cover)
Down In A Hole (Alice In Chains cover)
CarouselBelieve In Me
Love Ditty
If I Had A Gun (noel gallagher cover)
Bozo Song


anyway, take care everybody, until next time!


- Jay Schraub

Gig time! and more Radio!!!


greetings everybody, another busy month ahead for me musically back to recording more and more and writing ALOT! great music on the way, lord dont slow me down!


have a gig for my birthday on August 29th over at a wonderful coffee place called Bru you can find them over at www.bruchicago.com show starts at 7:30pm its free to get in and its all ages! so sit and enjoy amazing coffee and some food items or a smoothie if you wish, and enjoy my music and wish me a happy day of my birth!!


also happy to announce on September 17th I will be playing at the lovely Underground Wonderbar! very excited to finally play at this venue ive seen many shows there it will be great to finally grace that stage!


so lets talk radio!!! I adore internet radio ALOT, they are all giving artists the freedom to be heard which is something every musician wishes for! I am being played on Rockers Dive Radio www.rockersdive.com Radio Flote www.radioflote.com and found out a few days ago that the kitty opal show will be playing my stuff in the future www.thekittyopalshow.com

Thats all the news right now, perhaps for those coming to my birthday show at Bru I will debut one of my brand new songs!!

peace and love to all!


Jay Schraub

TV bound!


greetings everybody, coming up I will be performing at the abbey pub again, once again this too is a tv taping for the Flabby Hoffman TV Show so come on out and support the local scene!


very happy to announce that internet radio station "rockers dive radio" has now been playing my songs! you can check them out over at www.rockersdive.com! also last sunday very cool that 103.9 the fox played my song "carousel" which was super super amazing to hear play on the radio!

Since all the radio-ness topped with the cancellation of the second horseshoe gig, its left me in a state of great great inspiration and has caused me to hit the studio super hard trust me you guys will love the new stuff!!! one of my favorite pieces so far has been "hold on" it has a cool piano solo that im very proud of, another cool one is "its alright" outside of that im not going to give away anymore!!

until next time, stay strong, dont give up the dream!


- Jay Schraub



Very sad to announce that my show this saturday night the 28th at the horseshoe in Chicago has been cancelled, It took much thinking and much consideration to all parties involved and It was the only possible thing for me to do. Im sorry to those that were going to attend, I cancelled because I want to provide the best show possible for you the fans and wasnt going to get that this saturday night. My next show is at the abbey pub July 16th and is being taped for a local tv show here in Chicago! Hopefully you all swing by, its a free show and im on from 8 - 8:30.


Due to the cancellation I have uploaded the song "Ghost" and made it a free mp3 download for you all.


see you again sometime soon!

Jay Schraub

another contest!


Hello all! had a fantastic time at my CD Release show on saturday despite the heavy rains cutting my set a little short, hope that those that bought my albums are enjoying them!!


but it was an all around fantastic show!!! thanks to all who came to support me! this coming Saturday night from 8 - 10 is another show at the same venue The Horseshoe in chicago 4115 N. Lincoln ave! come on out its free!!

another cool piece of info was that on sunday night my song "Carousel" was played on 103.9 the fox here in chicago! It was amazing to hear my stuff on the radio and also cooler that they pronounced my last name right!!!

also Im in another song writing contest so please vote for me here


thanks again for all your support talk to you all soon!

- Jay Schraub

Steel Bridge and "Post Illusions"


hello everybody! what a busy few weeks ahead for me, just got back from the amazing Steel Bridge Songfest and had a great time as always (despite some difficulty at the first show due to the mega winds)

played 2 great little sets at the fest and sold a few cd's as well so it was all good! thanks to the holiday/mj with steel bridge songfest for having me out again this year! hope to do it all over again next year!!!

also...speaking of cd's.....my new album "post illusions" will be released this coming saturday the 21st at my all ages show at the horseshoe chicago!!! very very excited to put this album out finally after much much hard work went into making it. best of all my albums are still only 5 bucks each, one of the joys of doing everything yourself, I hate spending 20 bucks on new albums so I make my stuff mega affordable. cannot wait for you all to hear this stuff on the album!!!

so until next time everybody!!! Hope to see most of you on the 21st!!

- Jay

p.s....heres a video from Steel Bridge, enjoy!!

show's and cd's and more votes


greetings everybody!

its been a while since ive updated, my show on June 21st at the horseshoe chicago will be a CD release show for my album "Post Illusions" I am very very exited about releasing this album finally after working so very very hard on it.

I have some new shows to share with you all July 16th at the abbey pub for the Flabby Hoffman TV Show in chicago! should be a fun time as always I love being on that program!

Also have some workings about a show around my Birthday which will be held August 29th at a really great vegas coffee shop in bucktown in Chicago called BrU. i highly suggest checking them out at www.bruchicago.com


Also I am in a new songwriting contest so if all of you can take a moment to vote for me in this everyday I would greatly greatly appreciate it


thank you all for the support, cant wait to finally release Post Illusions!!


- Jay Schraub

new song to enjoy! and more news


greetings, i know its been a while! so im giving you all a new song to listen to its called "chasing rainbows" and its a song i really really enjoyed writing and recording. It really started with the line of "as the worlds lookin for fortune, im lookin for what defines me" Its a class line and so I wrote a whole song around it!


a few weeks away from Vegas shows, looking forward to visiting that city again, should try to get video to put on here since its a private show.


Ive decided that my show at the horseshoe on the 21st will be a cd release show for Post Illusions so for 5 bucks you can get the new album! I will also try to bring copies of my last album too so its naturally 2 for 10 deal....like subway only better for your soul!


peace out, rock on! love love love!


- Jay

new shows along the way!


hello there everybody! very excited first off to announce that I will be back performing at the amazing Steel Bridge Songfest this year!!! I had a blast last year and looking forward to rocking Door County once again!! you can find them on the web here   http://www.sbsf5.com/home

Also very very happy to announce that i will be playing at the horseshoe in Chicago June 21st and June 28th, the one on the 21st is an all ages show!! and its free admission for both shows! hope to see you all there!!!

this past week I recorded a handful of new songs that I cannot wait to share with all of you live in the future! these songs are sounding killer!!!

until next time!

- Jay

recording news and another contest


greetings everybody!! just want to get started by saying I am very much amazed that Brock Lesnar ended Undertakers streak last night at wrestlemania!! anyway, moving on....

recorded 3 songs yesterday in the morning, "post illusions" is coming along very very nicely! got a great selection of songs for this one, and also recording already for the third album too which right now is untitled.

I have entered another songwriting contest in indi.com so if you can please vote for me on there via this link


I would really appreciate the votes, this contest is really cool, and this is a song that will be on "post illusions" its one of my favorite things ive ever written!

right now after all this, im very excited for my travels ahead musically, vegas is fast approaching and thats always a fun city to perform at with some nice rooms, and then my Wisconsin show which i will reveal more info about in the future! fun fun times ahead everybody!! stay tuned!!

keep the dream alive!

- Jay Schraub

Chi-Fi and the future!


hello everybody! I wish to start this off first by saying how incredible it was to play at the first Chi-Fi event last night at the palmer house hilton, thanks to all involved and thanks to the very kind and amazing staff for having me! me and my friend Xavier rocked it last night!


So thank you to James, Anne, and Matthew for having me and Xavier! It was wonderful! also shout out to geek bar chicago for the great party which included drinks and star wars movie marathon!!! and also props to the chicago ghostbusters for just being awesome to talk to see you guys at c2e2!

my next show is April 10th from 8 to 9 pm at the elbo room found at 2871 n. lincoln avenue in Chicago. doors open at 7, 5 bucks to get in, and 21 and over only.

I should have some amazing news for my fans in Wisconsin within the next few weeks to stay tuned! very very excited about this gig in June over there will keep you all posted once everything is finalized!

to wrap this all up, thanks to Chi-Fi again for the amazing weekend, thanks to Xavier McKnight for playing bass for me, and also if you all can take a moment and check out my friend Brittany's new blog teatimepearls.blogspot.ca she is a great and amzing person and the inspiration behind a few of my songs so please give her blog a visit! she is after the Phoenix Child ive been singing about since 2007!

cheers everybody! check in soon!

- Jay

Chi-Fi show update


Hello there everybody! my set at the Chi-Fi 0 event at the palmer house is at the end of month, and my set with Mr. Xavier McKnight will be from 3:30 - 4:30 in the hancock meeting room on the 6th floor of the palmer house. if your going day of the show its 20 bucks at the door, you only have until the 7th to pre-reg over at chi-fi.org 

Me and Xavier are very excited to be performing at this event and we hope to see you all there!!


- Jay

recordings and more!


Its been a month since Ive posted here, getting ready to start rehearsals for the big Chi-Fi gig march 29th at the palmer house! And then a nice gig april 10th at the elbo room! I will be going to Las Vegas for a private gig for a friends party in May which will be awesome being back in Las Vegas!!

Recording for my new album have been going along great, and ive been re-doing some tracks from my "dreams of the world" album. my new album is called "Post Illusions" and i hope to have this thing out by the summer god willing!


be safe, stay warm, and live with love


- Jay

new show added, one show reduced...


new show announced today at the Elbo Room Thursday April 10th from 8pm to 9pm 5 dollar cover charge to get in, and 21 and over only.

the Chi-Fi con has been called off this year, pushed back to next year. however there will be a one day event on March 29th. venue info and times will be announced as soon as more info is available for it. I will be joined by Xavier McKnight on bass for that gig.

the future, and a dream


greeting's! hope you are enjoying the new site! very excited for the future, this year will be a great one for me. I have ALOT on the horizon so stay tuned exciting times ahead!

Im happy to announce that at my show at the Chi-Fi convention in March i will be joined by bassist Xavier McKnight for a few songs. We are both very excited to be playing at the convention and hope you all will be there to enjoy it with us! here is the site for the con and also to buy your passes. chi-fi.org

Also happening on the 19th of February is a free show at the abbey pub for the flabby hoffman tv show on channel 19 chicago cable. Im on from 8:30 to 9 its 21 and over only. hope to see you all there too, make some noise for me on tv!

until next time, be safe, keep the faith, avoid the darkness, and much love

- Jay

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